Grease and Guilt On My Diabetic Journey

The reason for the title this month is that I broke down and ate a large cream filled doughnut with icing on the top.  Two things that hit me instantly after inhaling the doughnut was grease and guilt. It tasted greasy and cloying on the tongue and I had pangs of guilt over eating something so fattening and bad for my health.

I had to account for the darned doughnut on MyFitnessPal daily food intake log. Luckily I was able to offset the doughnut with my exercise for the day but my arteries may not have been so lucky. After that the last couple of days I have been under my calorie goal each day and have resisted the urge to overeat. Also last week I gave into a childhood favorite, potato chips, not reduced fat but full-on, full fat and salt potato chips. Once again it was “grease and guilt”. But I had to forgive myself and realize that it’s part of journey. Next time I will eat a smaller portion.

After eating more than two servings of the chips, I was overcome with guilt and disgusted with myself, I tossed the rest of the bag into the trash and covered it with coffee grounds so I would not go back later and attempt to retrieve the chips, yes I have done that before…have you? Normally I would buy a small bag of the snack so I could only a small amount instead of the large bag.

It’s not about the sacrifice it’s about doing something good for you and your health. Diet…drop the it T spells Die and that’s what it feels like to go on a diet. Well at least it feels that way to me and always has.
For the first time in my life I have a real grip on my health and my future health too. Since I have lost weight (over 25 pounds) people are asking how did I do it, what’s my secret etc. As I have said before my secret is that there is no secret!

A friend of mine decided to get serious about loosing weight and the first thing we do when we get into DIET mode is to deny ourselves food that we think of as fattening or full of calories and carbs. The problem with that approach is that we can’t maintain that much denial for the long term. Some can but we begin to feel deprived, our bodies crave fats and protein. In the end we give in and eat pizza then feel guilty for going off our diet then say “screw it” or as my Aussie friend’s say “bugger it” then we go back to our old habits.
What I am suggesting is that you don’t have to eat salad with no dressing and tuna fish with no mayo. You can have anything you want but it’s the portions and the exercise that come into to play. I highly recommend that you get the app called MyFitnessPal for your phone, computer or tablet. It is a wonderful app as it helps you keep track of what you have eaten and how much exercise you have completed for the day. It shows you if perhaps you did overeat the pizza, how much exercise you need to do to keep your goal. It is all about accountability.

If you know you have to keep track of whatever you eat it will help you to be aware of what you are doing. In the fitness pal application, you set a weight total on the app and it shows you everyday where you are in relation to the goal. It has a large database of popular food items and you can also scan the code on the food item if it has one and most times the app will find the food in the database. That helps with the guesswork on how many calories the food is. The app also has a database of foods from popular restaurants. The app breaks down the nutrients you are consuming as well as sodium, vitamins, cholesterol and more.

I was shocked to find while eating at a restaurant with friends when ordering what we thought might be the relatively low in calories choice. That choice ended up adding up to almost 700 calories. Yikes! That is more than half of my daily allotment. It pays to use the app to check first what you are ordering when dining out.
I love spaghetti too but as a diabetic the carbs and sugar content are pretty high so when I want pasta I need to measure out a small amount to cook then once it’s cooked and drained I measure out ¾ of cup of pasta and just slather it with sauce and add my favorite cheese. I have found an excellent alternative to pasta is spaghetti squash. This week I found a great recipe for baked spaghetti using spaghetti squash and it was so good it made me forget my craving for real baked spaghetti. See the recipe in this issue and on my diabetic cookbook webpage.

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