My Diabetic Journal

This is my journal about diabetes.


I should have been working on this months ago but under the encouragement of my friend Isabella I am starting a daily journal of this experience.

Today I found that I am loosing interest in food,well not totally but less and less do I obsess about food. I also noticed that it takes less and less to fill me up and I stop when I begin to feel full. I stop take a breath and decide if I want or need to eat more. It’s working so far. 25.2 pounds lost since May 2014 and 5 of that was lost twice as I gained before I got very serious about getting healthy.


At my retirement party may 2014

At my retirement party may 2014

A more recent photo

Feb 2014

Feb 2014


I have been using the app called MyfitnessPal to monitor my progress, it is awesome but what it showed me the other day is that I have not been eating enough. Yeah that’s what I thought too… really!! Not enough you have to be kidding but it’s ture I have been eating 1200 calories per day. which has worked fine but I have been spending more time working in the garden which is burning a lot of calories.  I was under my weekly goal by 5,000 calories. That equals the loss of 1 pound and a few ounces. I was surprised when I stepped on the scale. The app shows a little pop-up message that alerted me to the fact of under eating.


Again on the encouragent of my Aussie friend Isabella I am going to get honest and tell the entire truth about my journey.

All this is great and I have found a balance for myself but there are days when I lose control, the other day I ate an entire bag of potato chips which equaled more than 1000 calories. Instead of getting upset with myself for over-eating I took a deep breath and realised tomorrow is another day.

The day I made my 2nd weight goal I had a weak moment and celebrated by purchasing a choclate covererd eclair. Even as I ate it it did not taste as good as I thought it would and I had to pay for it later as it spiked my blood sugar and I had to deal with feeling guilty for eating the eclair. So  I am not perfect even though I have been very disiplined and have lost more than 26 pounds in the past 9 months.

I don’t really get depressed it’s not my nature but I was pissed at myself for eating an eclair, but by the next day I was over it. I worked in the garden digging and hauling cement blocks for a couple of hours a few days later.

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